Founder and Mission Statement

Mr. Aaron Johnson, M.A. is currently the Assistant Professor of Economics at Darton State College in Albany, GA, created this blog in order to demystify the discipline of economics.  By subscribing to this feed, one will gain a greater understanding of the role economics play in all phases of our life.

The primary mission is to boost the economic literacy throughout the global community.  While emphasis will be placed on the U.S. economy, there will also be commentary and analysis of economic issues occurring throughout various regions of the world.  It is hoped that this site will be a resource to students taking introductory courses in microeconomics and macroeconomics.  It will also be beneficial to individuals seeking to improve their civic awareness, so that they can be more informed when evaluating political candidates on key economic issues.

It is recognized that our value systems and life experiences will taint our world view.  Rather than chastise and belittle differences, let us consider and evaluate differing points of view.  Let us engage in dialogue through listening, rather than dismissing, each other.

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