Political Instability in Ukraine Impacts Global Markets

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.34.14 AM

When reviewing living standards, a key component is boosting productivity rates.  There are various ways to measure that, but the current crisis in Ukraine touches on one key theme.  Markets hate uncertainty and Russian troops mobilizing along the eastern part of Ukraine hampers political stability.  Even though this is happening across the globe, it is affecting U.S. stock markets that have experienced their worst day in a month.  Until this issue stabilizes, expect a volatile ride on Wall street.

Political stability is huge because investors and markets like certainty.  With the survival of political sovereignty at stake, there is a real possibility that the current government will collapse.  With that scenario present, the whole economic system could be toppled.   Relations between Russia with Europe and the U.S. have grown icy cold with economic sanctions expected  That can affect crude oil prices worldwide, so do not be surprised to see gas prices rise.


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