Might Think US Gas Prices Are High, But It Could Be Worse

Gas Prices Around The World

It may not be any consolation for Americans, but click on the above graphic from Autoholics.com shows that the U.S. has among the lowest gas prices in the world, especially when you consider the other advanced countries of Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, and Japan.  Data is from January 2013:

  • United States:  $3.85
  • Canada:  $5.14
  • Germany:  $8.25
  • United Kingdom:  $8.46
  • Spain:  $6.01-7.00 (based on orange shading)
  • Italy:  $9.00
  • France:  $7.59
  • Japan:  $6.87

When looking at the other advanced nations, they have chosen to raise taxes in other to curb gas consumption and minimize pollution.  As for Europe, the combination of high taxes and high population density have allowed them to invest significantly in public transportation.

What you might notice is that there a number of poorer countries that offer extremely low prices, such as:

  • Venezuela:  $0.06
  • Saudi Arabia:  $0.45
  • Libya:  $0.64
  • Bahrain:  $0.80

These countries are able to set such low rates because there is no private enterprise with all pricing decisions set by the government.


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